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News: Changes To ALL TOGETHER Card

A couple of changes to the ALL TOGETHER card were announced today:
Injury Report: The previously hinted at Satoshi Kojima injury suffered during the New Japan event this past Sunday has been confirmed. Right eye orbital bottom bone fracture. Out indefinitely and unfortunately he will miss the event. New Japan star Wataru Inoue will take his place in the 7th match, an 8-man tag match. New Japan announced he is also off the Yuji Nagata Produced event on 8/30. It’s not known exactly how long he’ll be out.
Kentaro Shiga (Independent/Freelancer) and BLACK BUSHI have been added to the special Destroyer Cup Battle Royal, which will feature The Destroyer as a special observer.

Also announced will be a minute of silence 10 minutes before the event’s scheduled start time-3:50 PM JST-which I believe is roughly the time the massive earthquake hit on 3/11. This was announced by the promotions in this joint statement:

August 27th (the Saturday) it is done, ‘the ALL TOGETHER’ Japanese martial arts mansion conference (start 16 of the tournament o’clock) is, but you died day 15:50, at inside the Japanese martial arts mansion place of the meeting place, with east Japanese large earthquake disaster you prayed the happiness in the other world of many everyone, you became the carrying which the silent 祷 1 minutes is lowered.
The day, everyone of the fan which is crossing over in the meeting place extent of participation, no soldier/finishing asks to the silent 祷 may.

New Japanese professional wrestling corporation
All the Japanese professional wrestling corporations
Corporation [puroresuringu] Noah

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