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Video: Haruka vs. Kenny Omega (7/24/11)

When it comes to Stardom, after I’m done professing my undying love & affection for Yuzuki Aikawa, there’s one other girl on the roster I just can’t get enough of and will openly admit it-the pint-sized bundle of cuteness and adorability that is Haruka. She may be an oh-so-cute little girl at first glance, but she’s also perhaps the hardest-kicking 9-year-old girl out there. And apparently a pretty good wrestler too (but also quite the ShootBoxer). She has primarily done 3 minute matches with one exception (a 5-minute match) and all but her most recent match have been draws (her last match was her first loss). In this short video clip we look at her first Korakuen match on 7/24, when she faced Kenny Omega in another of her 3-minute matches. The clip is below:

My quick thoughts on the match: Fantastic little comedy match with some surprising great high spots. I loved how Haruka just kicked Kenny’s hand away at the start when he tried to do the nice handshake and how she MAJOR b*tch-slapped him at the end when he tried it again! Too bad her matches are only 3 minutes but I understand why they’re doing it. Very entertaining and Kenny played the comedy role very well, even busting out a Hulk Hogan pose at one point!

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