Stop, please don’t shoot! I’m…oh, wait…yes, please shoot! If only because that blue-clad superheroine is a member of this so-called “wrestling blast milk squadron” (loose translation of course) that might be debuting at Yuzupon Matsuri 4 this weekend, and said member of course is sure to be my favorite member just because it’s Yuzuki Aikawa and this today was her latest promo work for the event. Ringstars also hints at a Yuzupon Mask appearance opposite this heroine. Also announced is that the DVD of Yuzupon Matsuri 3 will be on sale at the event, including a bonus feature: A “special edition” look at the modeling photoshoot for this event’s poster, which naturally is worth it because it’s Yuzuki in bikinis. Something like this official program cover:
As for the rest of us who can’t get the DVD, fortunately Stardom founder/backer Rossy Ogawa has a YouTube channel and posted this little snippet from said modeling photoshoot. Enjoy.

(Photos-Yuzuki’s wrestling website,

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