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Joshi News: Diana Loses Another Star (Updated)

Based on this latest news and what’s happened in the company recently, I’d be a little concerned about Diana, they may not admit it but after only 3 months they may be in a little bit of trouble. It doesn’t help that they just got a little smaller roster-wise-Aya Yuki has left the promotion effective today. Unable to reach terms on a new contract with the promotion despite multiple negotiation sessions. It appears she will be a freelancer for now. Translation of a rather lengthy statement today from Diana CEO Kyoko Inoue, which also reveals some details that led to Yuki’s leaving:

謹 Hiroshi
At the time of the remaining summer under the step of lucky occurrence, we rejoice more and more clearly.
Usually, it grants extraordinary high distribution, gratitude says thickly.

This time, concerning the courage 彩 thing crossing over 邉 彩 player of our company post, it receives with effective today places on the same player, as a retreating/quitting group dealing, retirement does not do, in the future the effect which comes to the point of keeping being active as a free lance, would like to convey knows.

In order that at our company, at temporary general meeting of shareholders of 2011 July 8 date current system is renovated, making displace director 2, it receives, when you complete various procedure and the like with 2011 July 13 date, so far it is very much shy, placing in the woman professional wrestling industry whose almost it is nil to state clearly employment agreement and the like, on the basis of the advice of the intellectual people, accompanying new system start,Concluding employment agreement it reached the point of.
As for our company vis-a-vis the courage 彩 player, on 2011 July 25th 1 times, on August 8th of the same year 2 total of 1 times,The individual surface talks which reach to total 3 hour 29 minutes when it does, very much regrettable, it became the this time carrying reaching up to agreement.Furthermore, from viewpoint of private information protective of the same player as our company and obligation to keep secrets, we would like you to refrain fact and circumstance disclosure concerning the details in the same player and the employment agreement contents which do not reach to agreement, know.

In negotiation with the same player as our company, fragility of our company posture is our company effort and insufficient of partially, without excuse very much is thought is the circumstance which in the same player, but when from the same player at the time of the private surface talks which reach to the long haul, total 3 hour 29 minutes which cross the 2 times “honesty, you become retreating/quitting group even by yourself, because you do not know, whether why it is good thinking the varieties and we would like to keep discussing what.The fact that we want believing is not the meaning which is the pulling pulling out from the especially other group.Because that and by his being attached to Kiyouko to be trying probably to keep joined an organization in D analog, because Kiyouko and D analog, we would not like us to put annoyance to on the D analog post player and the sponsor people no matter what, the conference which now has been decided occurs entirely”, etc. it was expressed.

When speech and behavior of this same player was caught in the true 摯 as our company, the speech and behavior after that in the same player, opposing to this, to be something which morning end reforming it does literally, the proper at the point where our company which falls to perplexity state requires time for the correspondence conference, after all, from the same player “does not understand because “the company does not respond to the discussion” “by his different from the other player excessively it cannot sell the ticket because, when it makes the basic pay lift more, life is not achieved,” you can receive some guarantee, doing not to carry out the right not to participate in the conference” etc., in the player only insistence of oneselfThe action concerning the attitude which is justified, fragility of some our company to the same player burden says was applied with, being said, that the same player has missed in social order, to be helpless, that partially is the circumstance which is thought very much regrettably not to be different to the education insufficiency of our company.
Originally, being able to point to quite the simple guide only of retreating/quitting group report to consider the promising future of the same player the selection, free lance it is done in regard to the report in retreating/quitting group dealing with of this kind and the same player retirement not to be, at the time of, as our company, it was the schedule which it receives borrowing this place the reason where what already it has done to put annoyance on the most people, but it depends on the same player after that concerning speech and behavior, is present condition, as our company, changing to authorized personnel everyone, we would like you to be able to point to the apology deeply, know.
The great quantity we applied insecurity and annoyance in management insufficient reason of our company, in the authorized personnel and everyone of the fan and the same player very much excuse were not.
* Furthermore, already sort of the guide, we have responded to the repayment of the ticket in the same player.

In the future, concerning the thing plan of the same player as our company, as our company it continues and it would like to repeat correspondence conference on the basis of the advice of the intellectual people, thinks, but we would like to consider in promising future of the same player as our company, to the utmost vis-a-vis the absence and default of the same player, legal measure, execution [ru] thing we would like to evade is existence.

Because it is circumstance above, that watching over with the eye whose how everyone also is warm concerning the future of the same player, as you say to ask more deeply than heart, furthermore our company we would like to start assuring more effort, continue no soldier/finishing, about the guidance rod 撻, may ask.
謹 white
2011 August 19th
World woman professional wrestling [deiana] corporation
Kiyouko Inoue Chief Executive Officer
Yuki posted this statement on her official blog (http://ameblo.jp/neo-yuukiaya), confirming her departure is due primarily to these failed contract negotiations:
In only the fan is report.There was announcement even from the group, but by himself the D analog which has belonged with this day, formally came to the point of retreating/quitting group doing.

So far, as for the contract it is not to be in D analog, but the official changing in July, it came to the point of tying the contract.

Simply, under conditions of that contract because it was something which cannot keep continuing professional wrestling money, several degrees it is to discuss the company, but you thought that condition does not change, finally cannot continue professional wrestling after all this way as for making a contract by himself conveyed the conclusion that to the company it is not possible.

While being short, it was, but you appreciate in the D analog which you take care.Thank you.

Is concerning your own future, but temporarily it becomes the shape that it is free, but we would like to keep continuing professional wrestling.

So far, by his is directly to have belonged to the group, but you are prepared that with the until now above you can look at the tournament harsh eye.

The many seniors and the mass communications authorized personnel advice is utilized, thing and something important thing which in the future are necessary you thinking well by your, more and more keep aiming toward on as professional wrestling Ra.

In only the fan, when you can support the professional wrestling Ra courage 彩 even from now on, it is delightful, is.We ask may.

Courage 彩

How things changed…in Yuki’s last blog post about 2 weeks ago, she was enjoying ice cream with Inoue & the others at Kaoru Ito’s shop. Who knows what happens now. As noted above it appears Yuki will be a freelancer for now, no word on when her next appearance will be. As for Diana, I think I understood enough of the translation to figure out one thing-they may not readily admit it, but they’ve got serious money problems. And they’ve only been around for roughly 4 months-granted, their debut earlier was posponed due to the 3/11 earthquake & tsunami, but they clearly got started on a bad note and it hasn’t gotten any better-first that, then Nagisa Nozaki goes AWOL, now this. I don’t see them lasting much longer at this rate.
More as it becomes available.
8/20 UPDATE: Yuki has been added to the 8/28 WAVE event, which will be her first post-Diana appearance. She’ll team with Ryo Mizunami to face Moeka Haruhi & Cherry.
  1. R
    08/19/2011 at 11:54 pm

    I think that would be for the best for her career.

  2. 08/19/2011 at 5:53 pm

    On paper it doesn’t seem like it, but I was hoping it would at least be an opportunity for Yuki to start moving up, she wasn’t used the best in NEO until near the end. Maybe she’ll head to JWP.

  3. R
    08/19/2011 at 2:03 pm

    This project was doomed from the start anyway. But it is interesting that it was meant to be based mostly around Ayako Sato and Aya Yuki, and they are both already gone. But, jeez, neither one was really a draw anyway, so did they really lose all that much?

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