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News: Late Change To IGF Card Coming

Uh oh…SportsNavi reports a rather ugly situation may be developing in IGF, and who it involves probably won’t surprise MMA fans too much-no, not Bob Sapp. At leas tnot now. Josh Barnett is now off the 8/27 card. According to info from a press conference held today by IGF’s GM (not Masa Chono), it appears to have something to do with Barnett’s scheduled participation in the ongoing Strikeforce Heavyweight GP, the next round of which is scheduled for September 10. Barnett was scheduled to face Jerome LeBanner for the inaugural IGF Super Luxurious 200 Million Yen Belt Championship. IGF may be considering legal action against Barnett for breaking his contract terms even though Zuffa’s purchase of SF may have had something to do with it (Zuffa is the parent company of UFC). The title match will go on but who will now face LeBanner is unknown-both Bobby Lashley (who Barnett beat to get to the tournament finals and title match) and Naoya Ogawa (one of Antonio Inoki’s favorites) were hinted at but a decision hasn’t been made yet.

More as it becomes available.

  1. 08/19/2011 at 9:50 am

    Although let’s also keep in mind it may have something to do with a certain bald big talker who (expletive) probably said (expletive) it because they (expletive) don’t know (expletive) about Josh Barnett and his (expletive) MMA commitments…I think you get the (expletive) idea, haha. Part of me has always felt this belt is a joke and didn’t really cost the $2 million or so US they claim it did.

  2. Hugo Costa
    08/19/2011 at 9:42 am

    Barnnet’s move looks like the thing people do when they say they are going to show up and then, at the last minute, say “oh, I have something to do that I almost forgot, good luck brah…” It may cost 200 million yen, but the IGF belt is less valuable than the Strikeforce belt, I guess, and another USA man pisses off Inoki (you’re not alone, Gallows…).

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