Love hurts sometimes. Pity Takuya Kito because he may be about to learn that the hard way from the woman he wants to be his wife, Mio Shirai. But evidently Kito went a little too far at the last SMASH event by not only proposing to Mio but going so far as to make it “official”, apparently without Mio’s approval, and thus to promote their singles match, which is now a No Rules match with dangerous weapons allowed, Mio showed up at yesterday’s SMASH presser wielding the famed barbed wire bat. Now is it just me or does said bat make her look kinda hot? Yeah, she already is kinda hot as it is but this definitely kicks it up a notch. And if what she told TAJIRI at the presser is any indication, she’s really looking forward to taking that bat to Kito and making him see red. His own red of course. This could be fun. We’ll see what happens on 9/8. You know, with that look and bat, part of me thinks Yumi Ohka should recruit her for that heel faction of hers. She’d be a perfect addition.


  1. 08/22/2011 at 8:54 am

    Probably the Woman of My Life *_______*

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