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8/20 All-Japan Results

All-Japan continued their current tour today, results from the first of back-to-back events at Sapporo Teisen Hall:
They claimed 1600 paid (sellout).
Takumi Soya beat Soshun in 4:26. Possibly the first creer win for Soya, including before his injury.

Lee Che Gyong beat Yasufumi Nakanoue in 7:39 by ref stoppage. First career win for Lee, and he only needed 3 matches to get it. He was very happy with winning today and thanked everyone for their support, saying it was not just his win, but everyone’s. And a hometown win of sorts as most of this tour, including this weekend, is in Lee’s native Hokkaido.

Takao Omori & Super Arrow beat Rene Dupree & MAZADA in 11:16. Omori pinned MAZADA after Ax Bomber. Afterwards, Omori seemed to express disagreement with Triple Crown Champion Suwama nominating someone from NOAH as the next challenger instead of one from All-Japan. (That someone Suwama nominated is Jun Akiyama)

Akebono & BUSHI beat Joe Doering & BLACK BUSHI in 12:11. BUSHI pinned BLACK after Firebird Splash. First win for BUSHI over BLACK so far.

In an Elimination Captains Fall Match, Suwama (C), Masakatsu Funaki, Kaz Hayashi, Shuji Kondo & Minoru beat Taiyo Kea, Seiya Sanada (C), Manabu Soya, KAI & Hiroshi Yamato in 30:38. Order of elimination: Soya by Kondo at 10:21, Kondo by Kea at 11:45, KAI by Minoru at 17:46, Yamato by Suwama at 18:53, Minoru by Sanada at 21:55, Funaki by Sanada at 27:13, Sanada by Hayashi at 30:38. Because Sanada was the captain, that ended the match even though Kea had not been eliminated. Hayashi & Suwama remain and win.

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