Once again Yuzupon Matsuri was anything but a festival for Yuzuki Aikawa. Yes, she did beat Dump Matsumoto, albeit in disputed manner (Dump apparently got he shoulder up before the 3 and it went unnoticed, leading to the subsequent restart, where Yuzuki won by countout), but despite giving it her all and having her moments she really took a beating as Dump & her cronies (including Yoshiko) cheated all the way and pounded Yuzuki with everything they could get their hands on, trash cans & Singapore canes included. It ended with Yuzuki laid out on the floor outside the ring…but more evidence in my book that she is tougher than she looks and continues to prove she’s far more than just a nice body and 100 cm busts. And as mentioned before, considering Dump is supposedly on borrowed time and may only have a few months left to live, I don’t mind that she was the one really beating down Yuzuki today, anytime I can still see a legend of the sport in the ring I won’t complain. Oh, and it may not be over yet…when she came to, Yuzuki swore revenge on both Dump and Yoshiko. Hopefully those Yuzupon Kicks will really leave some marks.
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  1. Hugo Costa
    08/21/2011 at 9:42 am

    No wonder they call her Dump, because she Dump(s) the rulebook everytime she goes to the ring… But Aikawa proved she is not all looks and no substance! And Yoshiko might regret her interference in the match, believe that. Several Yuzupon Kicks are in store for her! And Dump too…

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