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8/21 Futen Results

Futen ran a very rare road event today, only their second such event ever (their events are always at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol), results from Kitasenju Theater 1010:
They claimed 115 paid.
Ryuichi Sekine beat Kotaro Nasu in 7:18.

Daisuke Ikeda beat SEIKEN in 15 minutes.

Brahman Shu beat Katsuyoshi Usuda in 12:50.

Mitsuya Nagai beat Manabu Suruga in 22:41.

Kengo Mashimo beat Takeshi Ono in 17:51.

This was the 2nd non-home event, the first one was in June and also at Kitasenju Theater 1010.

They also launched their own online video site recently where you can stream matches from the promotion, but they’ve chosen to go the PPV/pay-per-stream/download route. At this time the only even available is Bati-Bati 35, which was Futen’s 5th Anniversary event. It looks like it’s on demand video, when you purchase a match/event you’ll have access to it for 7 days. The current cost is 315 yen per match or 1260 yen for the whole event. If you’ve got the yen and want to check it out it’s at fu-ten.jp/bbs.

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