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More Joshi News: Hiren Retirement Statement

A little late with this, but Sendai Girls has posted the recent statement Hiren made at a talk event confirming her retirement and discussing why. I’ve translated the statement and, to some extent, it’s in part due to health issues, namely neck/back injuries she’s dealt with over the last year or so and not wanting to be dealing with it the rest of her life (she’s only 25). She also announced her final match before retiring will be on 11/8 at Zepp Sendai. Translation:

Tragic love of [sendaigaruzupuroresuringu] post November 8th (the fire) the ZEPP SENDAI conference stated that it retires lastly.
August 13th, inside Suginami Ku of capital Asa at valley LoftA it was held “now, after the talk show ending of the women who would like to talk together”, According to previous report the tragic love which announces retirement did release interview, put out comment.

* Tragic love comment

“This day many attendance thank you.
This each time my [sendaigaruzupuroresuringu] tragic love retiring with the Zepp sendai conference November 8th, it came to the point of with receiving.
In the past, the details which do the pressure fracture of the thoracic pad there is a reason of retirement, you thinking of future life in your own appearance, 5 years the decision, retirement with this pause which is said was done.5 years you say, while being short, it was, but the earnest to persevere to retirement, because it increases, also in the future we ask may.
(As for partner who would like to do to retirement doing and leaving?)
Because being limited, it increases time to retirement, that the player and the fighting it has not opposed truly we would like to be when you say, Because doing as for leaving by yourself the earnest we would like to run to retirement, In order to be able to burn to that time, earnest fighting we would like to be, one test union tournament”

More as it becomes available.

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