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Photo Galleries: Yuzupon Matsuri 4 & Ice Ribbon Korakuen (8/21)

SportsNavi has updated photo galleries from yesterday’s Yuzupon Matsuri 4 & Ice Ribbon Korakuen events, there are lots of photos from both events and each match, some thoughts & notes on each:
Yuzupon Matsuri:
First one from the pre-event dance performance. It’s possible there was someone else being Yuzupon Mask as Yuzuki looked to also be that superheroine in the exhibition match.  They did the music & dance number first, presumably with other girls represented by the Platinum Production talent agency. I wonder who that one in back in the purple was? Very big bouncy-bouncys! Gotta be fake…
One from the “Blast Milk Superheroine” vs. Yuzupon Mask exhibition.

In close-ups after the event ended, you can tell how beat up Yuzuki’s face was, her cheek really showed some battle scars.

Ice Ribbon:
Here’s perhaps my favorite from the set, proof that we all can still get along:
Awwwwwww…this was after the Riho-TAJIRI match. Then right after that came the very emotional send-off for Makoto before her match with Emi Sakura:
I might not be the biggest fan of hers, I might not agree with her career choices here, but leaving home is never easy and I’m sure Emi will welcome her back if she ever decides to return. In the meantime…good luck, Makoto. Make the most of your new opportunity.

And as it turns out, Miyako Matsumoto’s match involved her taking on a couple of oversized monsters. Some much-needed comedy here:

This one only because I think girls in glasses are very hot. I’ve seen that hottie somewhere before…

The link to the galleries:
Use the arrow links above to scroll through the pages. Each page has 9 photos, you can click on any photo for a larger view. All the pages with “20110821” in the URL are from the 8/21 events.

  1. 08/22/2011 at 11:00 am

    I really doubt they’re natural, and they do kinda look like maybe they slipped some basketballs under that shirt. I was too busy trying to put the name to the face of that girl with Miyako, unless it was Aya Sugimoto. I have seen that girl somewhere, I want to say it’s in one of the handful of ultra-cheesy Japanese horror flicks I have in my video collection.

  2. Hugo Costa
    08/22/2011 at 10:46 am

    Well, in the end, Tajiri is a man and shows Riho the good ol’ respect that she rightfully deserves for being such a strong willed girl. Gotta love that… And why was Minami wearing a new outfit for the title match? She usually shows up with a yellow outfit. Maybe she is switching her style or something… Oh, and the purple bouncys have to be fake, I mean, they cannot possibly be natural (must be ballons or something…).

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