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Joshi News: More Happy Hour Updates, More

Some joshi news to wrap up Tuesday night:
Hikaru has created a new blog that will serve as the site for her Happy Hour!! project. The blog can be accessed at this URL (in Japanese):
It was created 2 weeks ago.

The card for the first event on 9/4 was also updated today and now looks like this:
Kaoru Ito & Jenni Rose vs. Manami Toyota & Hailey Hatred
Sendai Sachiko vs. Jamie D
Kyoko Inoue & Sari vs. Aja Kong & Andore Mother
One more match TBA.
There will also be a talk show and a couple of entertainment acts performing. The big deal with the announcement was what appears to be Sari’s first main event match in her young career, as Inoue/Sari-Kong/Mother will be the main event. Ito/Rose-Toyota/Hatred was added to the card today. Sari recently did some promo photo work for the event, and looked quite nice in the kimono she wore. Then again, kimonos make every Japanese woman/girl look very beautiful (at least I think so).

Hikaru also posted these comments on the blog relating to Diana, both the recent internal/contract issues and also putting Sari over. Translation:

Always you supporting Diana, thank you truly.This each time we apologize the fact that annoyance and the unpleasant impression are given to everyone of the fan, deeply.


All player of present condition Diana is not defeated to any adversity or to pressure and everyday practice has persevered. Disturbing the world with thing other than professional wrestling can’t help, be very reluctant.

But, they are to continue to advance.The Sareee player of 15 years old which walk the so steep road, dauntlessly.It is groovy also you can think.


The feeling which it believes.
The power which it believes.
The person whom it believes.

That as for clear them, catching this present condition, is to look at before intently.

And such a their next participation conference, ‘Happy Hour of midsummer September 4th!!’So, Sareee player in life first main event!!

Inoue Kiyouko &Sareee vs [ajiya] [kongu] & the [andorearu] mother decided.We ask the encouragement of many ones by all means even alone may.

There being a for and against both theory, it is natural.But believing his own road in everyone of the player, when we would like you to dash, we have asked from heart.After it is September 4th, it is the Kawasaki city conference September 10th.

For those who haven’t heard, Diana apparently has undergone some corporate restructuring and contract re-negotiations. The latter ultimately led to Aya Yuki leaving the promotion a few days ago.

Also, glancing back through the earlier posts on the blog reveals that the rumored October Happy Hour!! event appears set for October 2. Location TBA.

Ringstars is holding a special “Noodles Pro” event on 11/6 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. Although it will feature some wrestlers this appears to be more about eating Chinese Noodles than actual wrestling. Among the confirmed and expected participation are Kaori Yoneyama, Leon, Mika Iida and MI*SA*KI, who as you can probably tell in the video below posted by Ringstars is a masked Misaki Ohata. Rather cute kitty mask too. The presser clip is below via Ringstars:

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