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Indy News: DDT Going Camping Next Month Again, More

DDT today announed the card for it’s annual Camp Place Pro Wrestling event, a special event held in an outdoor campsite in Japan. This year it’s on 9/4 in Yamanasi (sp?) Prefecture, this year’s match will be a 4-way tag match of Kota Ibushi & KUDO vs. Sanshiro Takagi & Munenori Sawa vs. Hikaru Sato & Michael Nakazawa vs. Isami Kodaka & Ken Ohka. The event is weather permitting-if it rains it will still be held but if the forecast calls for a typhoon (hurricane) or osmething causes national roads to be closed then the event will be cancelled.

DDT also announced Hiromu Takahashi (New Japan) participation in the next Monthly Young Communication event on 9/1 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. He’ll team with Kazuki Hirata to face Ryuichi Sekine & Hiro Tumaki. The rest of the 9/1 card:
Keisuke Ishii vs. Akito
Kotaro Nasu vs. Hiroshi Hukuda
Hiro Tonai vs. Rion Mizuki
Taishi Takizawa & Toru Sugiura vs. Takao Soma & Shigehiro Irie

(On a side note, DDT recently did a long-overdue update of their roster/profile pages so I now know the names of some of the wrestlers I didn’t before, especially the Union Pro newcomers. Thus event results should be more accurate going forward)

  1. 08/25/2011 at 12:01 pm

    They’re a lot of fun, I’ve downloaded a couple of them from various websites in the past. Both crazy and creative.

  2. R
    08/25/2011 at 11:45 am

    I thought they said the last Campsite Wrestling event was the last time they were going to do it. Glad to see it wasn’t, as these are always REALLY great stuff.

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