F-1 Tag Team Championship History

The F-1 (Fake-1 Grand Prix) Tag Team Championship is an unofficial tag team title in All-Japan that apparently is not recognized by the promotion. It’s more of a comedy title as matches are a mix of regular wrestling and impromptu standup comedy routines involving the wrestlers. It was created by Keiji Muto in December 2006, and he & Japanese comedian Kannazaki were the first to win the titles.

To this date there have been 2 F-1 Tag Team Champions.
1-Keiji Muto & Kannazaki. 1st reign. Length: 12/15/2006-12/12/2010. Successful defenses: 8.

2-Ryota Hama & Koriki Choshu. 1st reign. Length: 12/12/2010-Present (Current Champions). Successful defenses: None. Next defense: TBA.