Minoru Suzuki

Minoru Suzuki is a freelancer who currently competes primarily in All-Japan. A 22-year veteran of the sport, he has held major titles in each of the Big 3 promotions-All-Japan, New Japan and NOAH, and is a former MMA titleholder as well. He is also the co-founder of the Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling MMA promotion with fellow All-Japan star Masakatsu Funaki and is a longtime MMA fighter. He competed almost exclusively for Pancrase (only one fight was outside the promotion) from it’s beginning in 1993 until 2002, wrapping up his MMA career with a record of 28-20 and is a 1-time Openweight King Of Pancrase. Interestingly, his final MMA fight in November 2002 was against a fellow wrestler-a quick win over New Japan’s Jushin Liger.
He currently competes full-time in All-Japan while making occasional appearances in other promotions as he maintains freelancer status. Suzuki also began making occasional appearances in NOAH in January 2010. He also competes reguarly in IGF.

Stats & Info:
Age: 41
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 220 pounds/100 kg
Experience: 22 years
Finishing move: Gotch-Style Piledriver, Octopus Hold, Sleeper Hold
Current affiliation: Independent/Freelancer, but works primarily for All-Japan
Ring entrance theme: “Rough-Mix Part2”

Titles won:
2-time Triple Crown Champion
1-time All-Japan World Tag Team Champion
1-time All-Asia Tag Team Champion
1-time IWGP Tag Team Champion
1-time GHC Tag Team Champion

Tournaments won:
2008 All-Asia Tag Team Title Tournament
2009 Champions Carnival
2010 Champions Carnival

Other accolades:
2006 Tokyo Sports Most Valuable Player Award

Titles won (MMA):
1-time Openweight King Of Pancrase

Official websites (Japanese):
http://ameblo.jp/suzuki-minoru/ (New; Created July ’10)

Ring entrance music: