A 12-year veteran, Toshizo was formerly known as Ryuji Hijikata before undergoing a persona change and donning a mask (as seen above) in spring 2009. This coincided with his joining Voodoo Murders as well as a subsequent decline into the mid-card ranks after a reign as All-Japan World Jr. Heavyweight Champion. He won the promotion’s Jr. Tag League in 2008 & 2009 but missed out on a potential 3-peat due to not participating in 2010.
Toshizo left All-Japan in August 2010 according to messages posted on his official website. It’s not known if he’s competing elsewhere, as a freelancer, or if he retired.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Ryuji Hijikata
Age: 32
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 209 pounds/95 kg
Experience: 12 years
Finishing move: Fisherman Buster
Current affiliation: Unknown
Ring entrance theme: Unknown

Titles won:
1-time All-Japan World Jr. Heavyweight Champion

Tournaments won:
2008, 2009 Jr. Tag League

Official website (Japanese): (Not updated since August 2010)

Ring entrance theme: