Zodiac is a gaijin that has been in All-Japan for about 2 years. He began as a masked wrestler but was unmasked after losing to Joe Doering in May 2008. He then became a cheerful character despite being a heel, which led to him becoming a fan favorite even though he was part of Voodoo Murders, but in September 2009 he jumped to Satoshi Kojima’s F4 faction. Very little else is known about him.
Zodiac appears to no longer be with All-Japan, he has not appeared in a few months and his profile has been removed from the promotion’s website. He will return to the promotion for a tour in February 2011 and, as seems to be the case with gaijin these days, will align himself with Voodoo Murders and thus possiblhy turn heel.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Experience: Believed to be 2 years
Finishing move: Unknown
Current affiliation: N/A (formerly All-Japan)
Ring entrance theme: “Ogre Battle” by unknown