Hikaru Sato

satouDDT’s resident crossdressing cosplayer, Hikaru Sato can best be described as, well, an experiment in metamorphosis gone bad. Somewhere along the way he somehow turned into a guy who dresses and competes as a girl, with predictably ridiculous results. Naturally, he’s is a comedy wrestler first and foremost, thankfully(?). But then again, he did somehow win the KO-D Openweight Title in November 2009. Ladies, just watch out for him in the women’s room.
He’s also an MMA fighter, with a career record of 20-20-3 as of February 2009, competing almost exclusively in Pancrase. And yes, apparently he does crossdress on the way to the ring for fights…or at least wears the ears.

Stats & Info:
Age: 29
Height: 5′ 8 1/2″
Weight: 202 pounds/92 kg (listed as 174/79 for MMA)
Experience: Unknown
Finishing move: Cross Armbreaker
Current affiliation: DDT

Titles won:
1-time KO-D Openweight Champion
2-time UWA World Trios Champion
1-time DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion

MMA record (as of February ’09): 20-20-3