Akira Tozawa

One of the younger stars in Dragon Gate, Akira Tozawa is a 5-year veteran and the 3rd DG dojo graduate to debut in the promotion. He initially debuted in April 2005 but things went poorly and he was sent back to the dojo, but returned a few months later. After he spurned invites from the stable that initially rejected him, he formed his own faction-Tozawajuku, but he didn’t lead it. He was below stablemates Taku Iwasa, Kenichiro Arai & even Yuki Ono in the rankings. When Ono experienced newfound popularity and rank courtesy of a massive amount of weight gain (40+KG), Tozawa began to bulk up as well, and he and Ono formed the Metabolic Brothers tag team within Tozawa-juku. They discarded the gakuran pants worn by the unit and wore silver tights and boots. However, they hardly got anywhere, due to injuries to Ono and the general awfulness of the whole concept. Things started to change in July 2008 when he announced he was going on a diet, which eventually led to an Open The Triangle Gate Title shot. But he added a condition-if his team lost, which it did, Tozawajuku had to disband. In January 2009 he joined Shingo Takagi in forming KAMIKAZE, then reached the finals of the 2009 Battle Of Tokyo before losing to KAGETORA. He remains a mid-carder in DG but is starting to very slowly climb the ladder towards the top tier.
Tozawa left the promotion temporarily in May 2010 for a training excursion in the USA. He had been banished back to doing dark matches right before this and has also been billed by CIMA as a future star in DG, so he apparently decided after May 2010’s Dragon Gate USA events to stay in the USA to further improve his skills before returning. He returned to Japan in June 2011 and aligned himself with the Blood Warriors faction. He has quickly climbed up both the singles and tag team ranks since his return, picking up a few big singles wins and also winning the 2011 Summer Adventure Tag League with BxB Hulk. Tozawa now seems to be finally realizing his full potential as a more serious wrestler no longer saddled with a comedy act.

Stats & Info:
Age: 25
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 204.5 pounds/93 kg
Experience: 5 years
Finishing move: Ganki, German Suplex Hold
Current affiliation: Dragon Gate
Ring entrance theme: “Be Naked” performed by Neo Atomic Motor

Tournaments won:
2011 Summer Adventure Tag League

Official website (Japanese):