Anthony W. Mori

The “elegant” wrestler in Dragon Gate, Anthony W. Mori is a 10-year veteran of Dragon Gate who has always had a bit of a “handsome/pretty boy” gimmick, although he’s definitely beaten soundly by BxB Hulk in that department. Mori does actually have brains to match his looks-he has a law degree from Ehime University in Japan and studied English at the prestigious Oxford University in England. He joined the Toryumon in 2000 as part of the T2P class under his real name, then became the ridiculous-sounding KENtaro Mori, Barbie’s boyfriend (seriously), before settling on his current name. Then he became a royal prince in 2002, and it’s pretty much stuck since along with his being mainly in the low and mid-card and comedy matches. He nearly had a breakthrough in 2008 when he won the Open The Brave Gate Title, but vacated it immediately after winning because he won it due to Yasushi Kanda interference. He also has had a couple of Open The Triangle Gate Title reigns and even an Open The Owarai Gate Title reign but is still stuck on the lower end of the mid-card for now.
Mori retired on December 2, 2010. He now works for the promotion in a corporate/behind-the-scenes capacity.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Takayuki Mori
Age: 33
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 156 pounds/71 kg
Experience: 10 years
Finishing move: Elegant Magic
Current affiliation: Retired
Ring entrance theme: “Elegance Heart” by Pixi Chicks

Titles won:
1-time Open The Brave Gate Champion
2-time Open The Triangle Gate Champion
1-time Open The Owarai Gate Champion