Cyber Kong

profile_cyberkongOne of the biggest members of Dragon Gate, if not the biggest, the muscular (assisted by hand-drawn outlines) Cyber Kong is one of the most powerful wrestlers in Dragon Gate. He is well-known for his pre-match ritual of ripping a pineapple apart with his bare hands and eating part of it. This among other things led some to believe he actually was an American wrestler but he actually is Japanese.
Kong initially started out as an arm wrestler and was part of the New Japan training system but he was a little bit short and it held him back. Ultimately he went to the Dragon Gate USA dojo and became it’s first graduate and got his official start in the US promotion Full Impact Pro (FIP) alongside Shingo Takagi. When he debuted in DG he started out in the NEX system (a program designed for young rookies and up-and-coming talent) but a near-unbeaten run quickly saw him elevated to the main roster. Although he was initially part of Muscle Outlaw’z, it wasn’t long before he turned and left to join Takagi & BxB Hulk in forming New Hazard. The trio won 2 Open The Triangle Gate Titles before splitting, after which Kong unsuccessfully challenged Takagi for the Open The Dream Gate Title. A Open The Twin Gate Title reign with YAMATO soon followed. In December 2008 he initially lost his mask in a hair vs. mask match with Naoki Tanisaki, but after it was revealed to be due to interference by stablemate Cyber Kongcito the stip was changed to be Kongcito unmasked (revealed to be Yuki Ono) and not Kong. He then demanded a restart, due to Kongcito’s intrusion, and CIMA came out, appointed the special referee, and agreed to let the match restart, since both Real Hazard and WORLD-1 (Tanisaki’s stable) had intruded in the match. He won, and Naoki lost his hair.
Kong started 2009 feuding with Anthony W. Mori, getting the better of a tight series of matches by ultimately taking Mori’s hair in a hair vs. mask match shortly after Kong & YAMATO dropped the Twin Gate titles. He has mostly been stuck in the midcard since then still searching for singles success although he remains an integral part of Real Hazard.
Kong left DG in November 2009, asking for his release due to a neck injury suffered in October 2009 which he was slow to recover from but he also felt he wouldn’t be able to perform or appear at a satisfactory level for fans. It’s not known if this injury will force him to retire even though this is a potentially serious/severe injury. But apparently he did recover enough, as he made a shocking return in February 2010 and is back in action.

Stats & info:
Real name: Takashi Yoshida
Age: 27
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 271 pounds/123 kg
Experience: 3 years
Finishing move: Pineapple Bomber
Current affiliation: Dragon Gate
Ring entrance theme: “Pineapple Bomber”

Titles won:
1-time Open The Twin Gate Champion
2-time Open The Triangle Gate Champion