Genki Horiguchi

One of the most despised heels in Dragon Gate (YAMATO is perhaps the only one more hated), Genki Horiguchi is nonetheless one of Dragon Gate’s top stars and reportedly is also a booker for DG.  An 11-year pro who debuted in the Toryumon, he started out as a face before quickly  turning heel. Although this picture doesn’t reflect it, he’s bald and he turned his balding years ago-and related chants from fans-into one of the best known catchphrases in Japan: “WHO HAS CALLED ME HAGE?” (“hage” is Japanese for “bald”)
Starting out in the M2K stable, he became a 2-time NWA World Welterweight Champion and a UWA World Trios Champion. Afterwards he moved on to Do Fixer and had continued success, including a couple of Open The Triangle Gate Title reigns with Ryo Saito & Dragon Kid, and also traveled to the US to appear in Ring Of Honor for a match against CIMA, Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino that garnered extremely positive reviews and a rare 5 Star rating from Wrestling Observer Newsletter publisher Dave Meltzer. In 2007 he turned on Do Fixer and joined Muscle Outlawz, changing his looks and adding blue mist to his arsenal. He won the Open The Brave Gate Title soon after, and after dropping the title he became secretary to Gamma when he won the title, coming up with random and outrageous stips during matches to help Gamma hold on to the title. He did win the title again after Gamma finally lost it but didn’t have a noteworthy reign and was soon relegated to tag team matches.
In 2009 he reunited with Saito and won the Open The Twin Gate Titles, holding them for about 7 months. In early 2010 he began hinting at a potential face turn, put out a blog where he stated that Real Hazard would win more matches via teamwork instead of illegal tactics and weapons play in 2010. He would prove to be a man of his word that day when he stopped Yasushi Kanda from using a blue box in a tag team match they had. Though they still won, his actions caused him and Kanda to begin bickering. The bickering intensified the following day, when Kanda made him lose a tag team match by accidentally hitting him. Five days later, Genki would be backed up by Susumu Yokosuka and K-Ness in his quest for clean matches, after they all refused help from Kanda in a six-man tag match they were involved in. However, the new clean fight trio suddenly found themselves winless in every match they were in, with Genki taking the fall every time. Also, their mission caused a divide to slowly form in Real Hazard, with them on one side and Kanda, Kzy, and Takuya Sugawara on the other (Keni’chiro Arai and KAGETORA remained neutral). Genki remains at the forefront of this in-faction feuding, which shows no signs of letting up. Other than that he’s firmly in the upper midcard right now while continuing to turn face.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Hiromasa Horiguchi
Age: 31
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 165 pounds/75 kg
Experience: 11 years
Finishing move: Backslide From Hell
Current affiliation: Dragon Gate
Ring entrance theme: “Go To Hell” performed by ATLANTIS

Titles won:
2-time Open The Brave Gate Champion
5-time Open The Triangle Gate Champion
2-time Open The Twin Gate Champion
2-time NWA World Welterweight Champion
1-time UWA World Trios Champion

Tournaments won:
1998 Young Dragons Cup

Other accolades:
1 Wrestling Observer Newsletter 5 Star Match
2006 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Match Of The Year Award (with Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito vs. CIMA, Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino, 3/31)
Ranked #104 In 2006 PWI 500

Official website (Japanese):