Another of the similarly-styled masked wrestlers in Dragon Gate, K-ness is a 13-year veteran who has been in the DG system since joining the Toryumon in the late 1990s. He originally started out in Michinoku Pro at about the same time as fellow DG star Gamma.
He joined Toryumon in 1999 as MAKOTO, with a vampire/gothic style gimmick. As MAKOTO he was a member of the legendary Crazy Max stable. However, he did not get along with TARU, and eventually was kicked out of the stable after losing to TARU in a loser leaves match. He returned to Toryumon as Darkness Dragon, a takeoff on the Ultimo Dragon lineage, joining heel stable M2K. With the help of his stablemates he became a main event performer. He had a bitter feud with Dragon Kid that ended in 2002 with Kid winning the feud after winning a best of 3 falls mask vs mask match. Darkness Dragon unmasked and briefly went face, forming a face stable called DoFIXER with DKid and Ryo Saito. His face turn, however, was a ruse designed to cause dissention between the faces. He would soon turn heel again, joining the remnants of M2K and revealing that they were the real DoFIXER. He remasked and reinvented himself as K-Ness, and engage in a major feud and rivalry with YOSSINO. He missed part of 2003 and most of 2004 due to injury, and the promotion became Dragon Gate in his absence.
On returning, K-Ness re-united members from the various M2K factions that had split up over the past few years and created Final M2K. He had a relatively quiet 2005. He faced long term rival YOSSINO for the Open the Brave Gate title, but was defeated. In 2006, he spent a lot of time on the shelf again, recovering from nagging injuries. When he returned at the end of the year, he was no longer himself in terms of his health, and began to wrestle in the opening matches on Dragon Gate cards to reduce the possibility of re-injuring himself. In 2009, K-Ness began wrestling as ‘X’ although no one knew who exactly X was. Genki Horiguchi eventually called out X, who turned out to be K-Ness. He immediately left the Mushozoku unit and joined Real Hazard, reuniting the KnesSuka team with Susumu Yokosuka. On January 11, 2010, he defeated Naoki Tanisaki to become the Open the Brave Gate Champion, the next step in what has been a significant push he began receiving towards the end of 2009 that continues into 2010, which has included an Open The Twin Gate Title with Yokosuka.
K-ness also competes on occasions as Turboness (second picture above), a character that usually competes in comedy matches alongside The Turboman and Turboyan.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Makoto Saito
Age: 35
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 176 pounds/80 kg
Experience: 13 years
Finishing move: Aoki Hikari, Darkness Buster
Current affiliation: Dragon Gate
Ring entrance theme: “BURST OUT” by YO-HEI feat. Masaaki Endow
Alternate persona/gimmick: Turboness

Titles won:
1-time Open The Brave Gate Champion
1-time Open The Twin Gate Champion
1-time Open The Triangle Gate Champion
1-time NWA Welterweight Champion
2-time UWA Trios Champion

Tournaments won:
2004 One Night 10 Man Tag Tournament

Official website (Japanese):