Kenichiro Arai

Kenichiro (Keni’chiro) Arai is an 11-year veteran who currently competes in Dragon Gate. A graduate of the Toryumon, which he entered after starting his career in FMW, he has primarily been a midcarder in DG despite a bit of a push after aligning with the Tozawajuku faction and teaming with Taku Iwasa. An Open The Twin Gate and Open The Triangle Gate reign followed, but both reigns were fairly short and the faction was forced to disband at the end of 2008. Arai would join Real Hazard in 2009, turning heel for the first time in over a decade. Since joining Real Hazard, Arai’s career has been relatively uneventful. He has won matches on a semi-regular basis, usually via a low blow followed by a flash pinfall, but he has not been in title contention. During Real Hazard’s disagreement on whether to fight clean matches or continue to cheat, Arai has continued to team with the “cheat” side, but has yet to take a strong position on the issue.
Arai is known for his love of the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, and also for having one of the hardest heads in puroresu. He frequently no-sells attacks to the head when wrestling.

Stats & Info:
Age: 37
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 187 pounds/85 kg
Experience: 11 years
Finishing move: Kokyuuyama, Koshiyama, Firebird Splash, Low Blow
Current affiliation: Dragon Gate
Ring entrance theme: “BELIEF” by Siz Wada

Titles won:
1-time Open The Twin Gate Champion
1-time Open The Triangle Gate Champion
1-time I-J Heavyweight Tag Team Champion
2-time NWA World Welterweight Champion
2-time UWA World Trios Champion

Official website (Japanese):