Naruki Doi

profile_narukidoiNaruki Doi is one of Dragon Gate’s top stars and has emerged as 2009’s ace of the promotion. He debuted in Toryumon as part of T2P in 2000 as Second Doi, a baseball gimmick given to him because one of his family members played baseball for the Yomiuri Giants. He dropped the gimmick at the end of 2004 then started competing under his real name.
In 2005 he joined CIMA’s Blood Generation faction and soon won the Open The Brave Gate Championship, a title he would hold for 8 months from March through November. In Spring 2006 he left Blood Generation after Gamma was kicked out and won the rights to the name with Gamma, renaming it Muscle Outlaw’z aka MO’z. In 2007 he formed the tag team Speed Muscle with Masato Yoshino and they declared themselves the first Open The Twin Gate Champions, confirming that status by winning the I-J Heavyweight Tag Team Titles and unifying the titles soon after. They also went to NOAH and won the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles and held them before they lost them to BxB Hulk & Shingo Takagi. Doi was also part of the talent that also appeared in the USA for Ring Of Honor and also participated in a tournament for TNA Wrestling. Doi & Yoshino soon split, but it was not long before they reunited.
After reconciling, internal disputes caused MO’z to split, at which point Doi formed WORLD-1 with Yoshino, BxB Hulk, Naoki Tanisaki and m.c.KZ. Doi & Yoshino then won the Summer Adventure Tag League and reclaimed the Open The Twin Gate Titles, but the reign lasted only 9 days. But that catapulted Doi into singles success-after winning the annual King Of Gate Tournament, he ended 2008 by winning the Open The Dream Gate Title. He has made a number of successful defenses since, with a very notable one coming in May 2009-despite giving up well over 300 pounds to the former sumo champion, Doi managed to put Akebono down with 5 consecutive Bakatare Sliding Kicks (his finisher) and retain the title. Doi then followed it up by becoming a double champion, winning the Open The Brave Gate Title from CIMA in July. He soon vacated the Brave Gate because he wanted it to be contested among the younger, up-and-coming talent in DG. Like many of the other top DG stars, Doi will continue to make occasional appearances in the USA in the near future via Dragon Gate USA.
Doi ended 2009 as the longest-reigning Open The Dream Gate Champion in Dragon Gate history to date. He held the title the entire year and became the first wrestler ever to hold the title uninterrupted for at least one year (the previous record was 364 days).
Doi shocked the Dragon Gate fanbase and the puroresu world by turning on Yoshino in October 2010, breaking up Speed Muscle and turning heel while defecting from WORLD-1 to Kenichiro Arai’s faction formerly known as Deep Drunkers.

Stats & info:
Age: 28
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 180 pounds/82 kg
Experience: 9 years
Finishing move: Bakatare Sliding Kick
Current affiliation: Dragon Gate
Ring entrance theme: “Blood #5”

Titles won:
1-time Open The Dream Gate Champion
2-time Open The Brave Gate Champion
3-time Open The Twin Gate Champion
6-time Open The Triangle Gate Champion
1-time IJ Heavyweight Tag Team Champion
1-time UWA World Trios Championship
1-time GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion
1-time ROH Tag Team Champion

Tournaments won:
2004 One Night 10 Man Tag Team Tournament
2005 Open the Brave Gate Tournament
2007, 2008, 2010 Summer Adventure Tag League
2008 King Of Gate
2010 Open The Twin Gate Challenger Determination Tournament

Other accolades:
2006 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Match Of The Year

Official website (Japanese):