profile_ryomaRYOMA was a young wrestler who was a rookie in the Dragon Gate system. He debuted at the end of 2008 and was quickly added to the WARRIORS-5 faction by CIMA, who saw potential in the youngster.
RYOMA’s fast-track through the system didn’t last long though, as he was partly responsible for the “Cora Scandal” that rocked DG in Fall 2009. As a result, he has not competed since April ’09 and is currently serving a 1-year suspension. The earliest he can return is May 2010. Fortunately he is young enough to still have plenty of time to make the most of his career, hopefully the second time around he will also have matured enough mentally to avoid some of the mistakes he made the first time.
Apparently he’s decided otherwise-RYOMA left Dragon Gate at the end of 2009 to pursue “a life outside wrestling”. So it’s safe to say he’s probably called it a career.

Stats & info:
Real name: Youhei Fujita
Age: 21
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 155 pounds/70 kg
Experience: Rookie
Finsihing Move: N/A
Current affiliation: N/A (Formerly Dragon Gate, left promotion in December 2009)