Apache Pro

apache2-logoApache Pro is a defunct/inactive hardcore indy federation that was created in 2004. It was founded by wrestlers Go Ito, Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda and featured regular New Japan and Big Japan participation. Things went fine until early 2008, when the beginning of the end came in the form of an apparent sex scandal involving Kanemura and a female employee of Big Japan. The wrestlers tried to keep it a secret but eventually the woman spoke out about it and despite apologies from Kanemura, it led to Big Japan dissolving relations with the promotion and the loss of top star Takashi Sasaki and a TV deal. They suspended operations for a few months, returning in summer 2008 for a few months before deciding to close for good in December 2008. Sasaki, however, restarted the promotion on short notice with no sponsors and kept it running, but the promotion appears to have closed for good (again) in August 2009 as Sasaki formed a new promotion called Freedoms as a follow-up.

Although it did not have it’s own titles, Apache Pro recognized 2 titles-the WEW Heavyweight Singles Title and WEW Tag Team Titles, both of which are still active today despite the promotion’s closing.