Ryuji Ito

Nicknamed the “Deathmatch Dragon”, Ryuji Ito is one of the current aces of Big Japan and one who takes a rather artisitic approach to death matches, often coming up with new weapons to use in matches. He is a 10-year veteran who has won multiple championships in Big Japan as well as in DDT. His gimmick is reminiscent of Mortal Kombat character Liu Kang and he even comes out to music from the games or the movies. He even made one appearance in WWE in 2005, losing to Essa Rios on a Saturday Night’s Main Event show. Ito is perhaps most famous for participating in an infamous “Lightube Lightsaber” match in which he fought and defeated Abdullah Kobayashi. The match has since become a hit video among hardcore wrestling fans on the net. And he might have another hit on his hands-his 11/20/09 match with Jun Kasai earned him the 2009 Tokyo Sports Match Of The Year Award.

Stats & info:
Age: 33
Height: 6′
Weight: 209 pounds/95 kg
Experience: 10 years
Finishing move: Dragon Splash, Moonsault Press
Current affiliation: Big Japan
Ring entrance theme: “Path Of The Dragon”

Titles won:
4-time Big Japan Death Match Heavyweight Champion
1-time Big Japan Tag Team Champion
1-time WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champion
1-time DDT KO-D Tag Team Champion

Other accolades:
2009 Tokyo Sports Grand Prix Match Of The Year Award (11/20 vs. Jun Kasai)

Official website (Japanese):

Ring entrance music: