Futen is a small independent promotion that usually puts on events under the name “BATI-BATI”. They frequently work with BattlARTS and promote more of a shoot style of wrestling. Their shows frequently feature participation from other promotions including K-DOJO and NOAH among others. The most notable name that appears for them is former NOAH star Tamon Honda. They normally run one event a month at their home arena, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol.
The promotion celebrated it’s 5th anniversary in April 2010.

Futen currently has no titles.

Current active talent on roster:
Daisuke Ikeda
Manabu Suruga
Takeshi Ono
Kyosuke Sasaki
Takahiro Oba
Hajime Moriyama

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URL: