Kensuke Office

Kensuke Office is a small wrestling federation and booking agency run by puroresu legend Kensuke Sasaki and his wife, retired joshi legend Akira Hokuto. The promotion runs it’s own shows on occasion, usually at it’s home office but sometimes at other arenas, and also works with other promotions-they have a working agreement with NOAH but handle the booking for their own wrestlers independently. Most of the booking and behind-the-scenes work is done by Hokuto with some work done by puroresu veteran Masa Saito. The promotion is also active in entertainment outside of wrestling, as Sasaki & Hokuto make regular appearances on Japanese TV and radio.

Kensuke Office has no titles, although through their working relationship with NOAH they have hosted GHC Title matches.

Current active talent:
Kensuke Sasaki (佐々木健介 / Sasaki Ken mediating/helping)
Katsuhiko Nakajima (中嶋勝彦 / Katuhiko Nakazima)
Takashi Okita (起田高志 / Happening Tadaka will) (Inactive-injured)
Kento Miyahara (宮原健斗 / Miyahara Ken 斗)
Numazu Man (なまずマン / Catfish Man)
Satoshi Kajiwara (梶原慧 / Kei Kaziwara)
Jun Nishikawa (西川 潤 / Jun Nishikawa)
Akira Hokuto (Retired as wrestler but active in running the promotion and handling bookings)
Masa Saito (Retired as wrestler but works in the front office)

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URL: