Masa Saito

Masa Saito was a 35-year veteran of wrestling who has been involved in the sport in some form for over 45 years. A champion freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestler in the early 1960s, he also represented Japan in wrestling in the 1964 Olympics before turning to puroresu. He began his pro career in 1965 and competed mainly in the NWA until the early 1980s, when he moved to WWF (WWE). In 1981 Saito & Mr. Fuji won the WWF Tag Team Championship under the guidance of manager Captain Lou Albano, twice trading the titles with Chief Jay & Jules Strongbow. His WWF career ended soon after-On April 6, 1984, Saito and Ken Patera were refused service at a McDonald’s restaurant after the restaurant had closed. The two men threw a boulder through the restaurant’s window in retaliation. When the police came, Saito and Patera fought with them before being arrested. As a result of the incident, Saito and Patera were convicted of battery of a peace officer and sentenced to serve two years in prison.
After being released, Saito returned to Japan. He feuded with Antonio Inoki, a rivalry that culminated in an Island Death Match-They were placed on Ganryujima Island and wrestled a match that lasted two hours and spread across the island. Saito lost by TKO. Saito then went briefly to All-Japan but returned to New Japan about a year later, winning 2 IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships within a short time. Saito also won the AWA Heavyweight Championship at Tokyo Dome in 1990. Saito also made appearances in WCW in the mid-1990s as part of a New Japan-WCW series of matches.
Saito retired in February 14, 1999. He joined Kensuke Office in 2006 as a supervisor and manager/adviser to the promotion’s younger talent.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Masanori Saito
Age: 68
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 264 pounds/120 kg
Experience: 35 years
Finishing move: N/A
Current affiliation: Retired as wrestler, Kensuke Office as advisor/manager/supervisor

Titles won:
2-time IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion
1-time NWA North American Tag Team Champion (LA/Japan Version)
2-time WWF Tag Team Champion
1-time AWA World Heavyweight Champion
1-time NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion
5-time NWA Florida Tag Team Champion
2-time NWA US Tag Team Champion (Florida Version)
2-time NWA Canadian Tag Team Champion (Vancouver Version)
3-time NWA Americas Tag Team Champion
2-time NWA “Beat The Champ” TV Champion
2-time NWA World Tag Team Champion (San Francisco Version)
2-time NWA Alabama Heavyweight Champion