Michinoku Pro/North Eastern Wrestling

Michinoku Pro, aka North Eastern Wrestling, is an independent promotion based in the northeastern region of Japan, specifically the area known as Tohoku or Michinoku. It was founded in 1992 by The Great Sasuke and Jinsei Shinzaki, and to this date Shinzaki still runs and is active in the promotion. Sasuke remains active although he transferred control to Shinzaki in 2003 due to his political career, but still owns the promotion.

Michinoku Pro currently has 2 titles-Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight and Tohoku Tag Team. They also recognize the UWA World Tag Team Championship. They also run 2 annual tournaments.

Titles & History:
Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Tohoku Tag Team Championship

Current active talent based in promotion:
The Great Sasuke
Jinsei Shinzaki
KAGETORA (Independent/Freelancer, now works mainly with Dragon Gate)
Kesen Numajiro
Bear Fukuda
Otoko Sakari
Shinjitsu Nohashi (Now competing as Taro Nohashi as of January ’10)
Mototsugu Shimizu
Banana Senga
Rui Hiugaji
Yoshiyasu Shimizu
Dynamite Tohoku
Kinya Oyanagi
Brahmans Shu & Kei (Shu and Kei Sato)
Fujita “Jr.” Hayato
Ou Kobushi (now competing as “Kenou” as of January ’10)
Maguro Ooma
Takeshi Minamino
Gran Naniwa (Deceased)

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URL:
http://www.michipro.jp/ (Note: Several sections of the site, including the results page, appear to be restricted access-wise. I atttempted to access them and got a “Forbidden” screen. I can only access the main page, Profile page, BBS page and Link page)