Tohoku Tag Team Championship History

The Tohoku Tag Team Championship is the tag team title in Michinoku Pro. It was created in July 2004 when Jinsei Shinzaki and Ultimo Dragon won a tournament to become the first champions.

To this date there have been 15 Tohoku Tag Team Champions. They are listed below in order of reign along with which reign it was (some won it multiple times), length of reign and number of successful defenses.
1-Jinsei Shinzaki & Ultimo Dragon. 1st reign. Length: 7/18/2004-9/10/2004. Successful defenses: None.

2-Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima. 1st reign. Length: 9/10/2004-3/6/2005. Successful defenses: 1.

3-Jinsei Shinzaki & GAINA. 1st reign. Length: 3/6/2005-7/9/2005. Successful defenses: None.

4-The Great Sasuke & Dick Togo. 1st reign. Length: 7/9/2005-4/23/2006. Successful defenses: 3.

5-Jinsei Shinzaki & GAINA. 2nd reign. Length: 4/23/2006. Successful defenses: None. Vacated titles immediately due to GAINA leaving promotion.

6-Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi. 1st reign. Length: 5/20/2006-6/10/2006. Successful defenses: None.

7-Brahmans Shu & Kei. 1st reign. Length: 6/10/2006-7/17/2006. Successful defenses: None.

8-Tigers Mask & Flash Moon. 1st reign. Length: 7/17/2006-10/8/2006. Successful defenses: None.

9-Brahmans Shu & Kei. 2nd reign. Length: 10/8/2006-4/21/2007. Successful defenses: 1.

10-Kagetora & Rasse. 1st reign. Length: 4/21/2007-1/14/2008. Successful defenses: 3.

11-The Great Sasuke & Yoshitsune. 1st reign. Length: 1/14/2008-1/18/2009. Successful defenses: 1.

12-Brahmans Shu & Kei. 3rd reign. Length: 1/18/2009-3/15/2009. Successful defenses: None.

13-Kesen Numajiro & Kinya Oyanagi. 1st reign. Length: 3/15/2009-11/15/2009. Successful defenses: None.

14-Takeshi Minamino & Maguro Ooma. 1st reign. Length: 11/15/2009-10/15/2010. Successful defenses: 3.

15-Yapper Mans 1 & 2 (Hercules Senga & Tsutomu Oosugi). 1st reign. Length: 10/15/2010-Present (Current Champions). Successful defenses: 1. Next defense: TBA.