Osaka Pro

Osaka Pro is an independent promotion founded in 1998 by wrestler Super Delfin. It is based, not surprisingly, in Osaka and currently runs events 6 days a week (Tuesdays-Sundays, their usual “off day” is Monday) with almost all emanating from the promotion’s current home base, Osaka Minami Move On Arena, although they do sometimes run larger venues, usually running a major show once every 1-2 months at Matsushita IMP Hall in Osaka.

Osaka Pro currently has 5 titles: Osaka Pro Singles, Osaka Pro Tag Team, Osaka Pro Battle Royal, Osaka Pro Owarai, World’s Best Osaka Attraction. They also recognize the UWA World Trios Title as of May 2010 and likely the Independent Jr. Heavyweight Championship as of September 2010. The Osaka Attraction Title appears to be inactive. They also hold 2 annual tournaments.

Titles & History:
Osaka Pro Singles Championship
Osaka Pro Tag Team Championship
Osaka Pro Battle Royal Championship
Osaka Pro Owarai Championship
World’s Best Osaka Attraction Championship

Current active talent based in promotion:
Billy Ken Kid (ビリーケン・キッド / [biriken] kid)
Hideyoshi (秀吉 / Hidekiti)
Masamune (政宗 / Masamune)
Tsubasa (ツバサ / [tsubasa])
Asian Cougar (アジアン・クーガー / [aijan] cougar) (Now competing as Kuuga)
Kuishinbo Kamen (くいしんぼう仮面 / The [ku] it is, the grommet [bo] [u] mask)
Miracle Man (ミラクルマン / Miracle Man)
Ebessan 3 (えべっさん / Obtaining [be] [tsu])
Kanjuro Matsuyama (松山勘十郎 / Matsuyama intuition ten 郎)
Takoyakida (タコヤキーダー / [takoyakida])
Kazuaki Mihara (三原一晃 / One Akira Miho) (Inactive-injured)
Tigers Mask (タイガースマスク / The tigers mask)
Black Buffalo (ブラックバファロー / [buratsukubahuaro])
Orochi (ヲロチ / [worochi])
Tadasuke (タダスケ / [tadasuke])
The Bodyguard (The Bodyguard)
Atsushi Kotoge (小峠篤司 / The small pass it is serious Osamu)
Daisuke Harada (原田大輔 / Daisuke Harada)
Ultimate Spider Jr. (アルティメット・スパイダーJr / [aruteimetsuto] Spider Jr)
Naoki Setoguchi (瀬戸口直貴 / Setoguti direct your)
Super Delfin (No longer with promotion)
Johnel Sanders (ヨーネル・サンダース / [joneru] [sandasu])
Takaku Fuke (冨宅飛駈 / 冨 house flying 駈)
Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru (救世忍者乱丸 / Rescuing world ninja random circle)
Apple Miyuki (アップルみゆき / The apple you see and keep)
Zeus (ゼウス /  Zeus)
Yutaka (ユタカ / [yutaka])

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URL: