Apple Miyuki

Apple Miyuki is a popular joshi wrestler who, until late 2008, competed in the KAIENTAI DOJO (K-DOJO) promotion, frequently competing with and against the promotion’s male wrestlers as one of, at one point recently, 5 women wrestlers on the promotion’s roster. Part of her popularity also stems from her also being a pop idol of sorts, she has recorded some music in Japan and also has done some art. In the ring, she debuted in 2002, splitting time between K-DOJO and JDStar while working her way up the ranks. She was part of what was voted K-DOJO’s best tag match in 2005 and twice won the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Championship. Late in 2008 she decided to leave the promotion and become a freelancer, but still appeared for K-DOJO on occasion while now making appearances for other promotions. She primarily split time between various joshi promotions and still competing with and against the men, making several appearances in Osaka Pro in January 2010 and even venturing into Big Japan for a hardcore joshi match. She officially joined Osaka Pro in 2010 and now competes regularly in the promotoin.

Stats & info:
Real name: Rumi Miyuki
Age: 25
Height: 5′
Weight: 110 pounds/50 kg
Experience: 7 years
Finishing move: Apple Buster (spinning inverted facelock elbow drop), Victory Roll
Current affiliation: Osaka Pro

Titles won:
2-time WEW Hardcore Champion

Other accolades:
2005 K-AWARD for Best Tag Match in K-DOJO

Official websites (Japanese): (not updated since June ’09)