Asian Cougar/Kuuga

A 15-year veteran, Asian Cougar is one of the most popular stars in Osaka Pro, drawing big crowds to fan gatherings/appearances. He started out as a freelancer and competed mainly in hardcore matches and gained popularity for his use of chairs and establishing a style called “mucha libre”. He primarily competes in tag team matches today.
Cougar changed his ring name to Kuuga at the start of 2011.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’8 1/2″
Weight: 198 pounds/90 kg
Experience: 15 years
Finishing move: Face Stomp, Cougar Lock 1-4
Current affiliation: Osaka Pro
Ring entrance theme: “Forming dragon fist”

Titles won:
1-time Osaka Pro Singles Champion
2-time Osaka Pro Tag Team Champion

Official website (Japanese):