World’s Best Osaka Attraction Title History

The World’s Best Osaka Attraction Title is a singles title in Osaka Pro. It is believed to be a comedy title. The title was created in January 2000 when Kuishinbo Kamen beat Ebessan to become the first champion. The title originally was retired in April 2008 but revived by Osaka Pro in April 2010. The title was unified with the Osaka Pro Owarai Title until August 2010.

To this date there have been 17 World’s Best Osaka Attraction champions. They are listed below in order of reign along with which reign it was (some won it multiple times) and length of reign. Successful defense data is only available from May 2010 on.
1-Kuishinbo Kamen. 1st reign. Length: 1/4/2000-2/1/2003.

2-Ebessan. 1st reign. Length: 2/1/2003-3/29/2003.

3-Pero. 1st reign. Length: 3/29/2003-4/5/2003.

4-Ebessan. 2nd reign. Length: 4/5/2003-7/6/2003.

5-Tigers Mask. 1st reign. Length; 7/6/2003-10/4/2003. Vacated title on 10/4/2003 to enter annual Tenno-zan tournament.

6-Miracle Man. 1st reign. Length: 12/7/2003-1/31/2004.

7-Ebessan. 3rd reign. Length: 1/31/2004-2/21/2004.

8-Kuishinbo Kamen. 2nd reign. Length: 2/21/2004-12/17/2005. Stripped of title on 12/17/2005 due to lack of defenses.

9-Okita-kun. 1st reign. Length: 2/25/2006-1/6/2007. Vacated title on 1/6/2007 due to injury.

10-Sgt. Suchi. 1st reign. Length: 2/12/2007-8/25/2007.

11-Ebessan 3. 1st reign. Length: 8/25/2007-12/16/2007.

12-Kuishinbo Kamen. 3rd reign. Length: 12/17/2007-3/9/2008.

13-Miracle Man. 2nd reign. Length: 3/9/2008-4/29/2008.

14-Kanjuro Matsuyama. 1st reign. Length: 4/29/2008. Declares himself the first Osaka Pro Owarai Champion. Retires title immediately. Title revived by Osaka Pro in April 2010.

15-Kuishinbo Kamen. 4th reign. Length: 4/29/2010-6/27/2010. Successful defenses: 1. Also wins Osaka Pro Owarai Title by defeating Kikutaro in match for both titles.

16-Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru. 1st reign. Length: 7/19/2010. Successful defenses: 1.

17-Kuishinbo Kamen. 5th reign. Length: 7/19/2010-Present (Current Champion). Successful defenses: 1. Next defense: TBA. Loses Osaka Pro Owarai Title on 8/28/2010 but not World’s Best Osaka Attraction Title, presumably resulting in the un-unifying of the titles.