Secret Base

Secret Base is a new promotion that basically consists of remnants of the now-defunct El Dorado promotion. El Dorado was the former developmental territory of sorts for Dragon Gate, but Secret Base is not affiliated with DG or any other promotion. The talent roster mainly consists of El Dorado undercard wrestlers not taken in by Dragon Gate or other promotions so they are generally not well known. The new promotion’s homebase is the small Isami Wrestle Arena, which on the outside looks like an ordinary 2-story building (complete with vending machines out front) and on the inside has a small arena with limited seating around the ring. They run an average of one event per month and typically draw 40-60 fans, although in late 2009 they ran at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, their first event outside their home promotion. In terms of attendance, this first “outside” event could be called a success as it drew over 250 fans.

Secret Base currently has no titles.

Current active talent on roster:
Mototsugu Shimizu (Regular participation in Big Japan)
CHANGO (Regular participation in Kensuke Office)
Yamada Man Pound
Bear Fukuda (Regular participation in Kensuke Office)
Kinya Oyanagi
Spark Aoki
Go (Regular participation in Kensuke Office)
Amigo Suzuki

The promotion’s official websites (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URLs: