SMASH is a new promotion founded in December 2009 by former Hustle stars Yuji Shimada, TAJIRI and Akira Shoji. The original plan was to have it be a combination of wrestling, MMA and kickboxing events but they appear to be focusing solely on wrestling.
The promotion’s first event was held on March 26, 2010 at Shinjuku Face. It can be considered a success attendance-wise as it drew a reported 600, or almost 100% sold out. They are currently running an average of one event a month including a very successful first major event held at JCB Hall in Tokyo.
The promotion also has a “World Tryout” program, which is like an open invitation to wrestlers around the world to participate in SMASH and have a chance to “graduate” and become an official part of the promotion. The program’s first 2 graduates are foreigners Mentallo & Golem Knight. They also have a partnership/working agreement with the Finland-based FCF promotion, which has resulted in regular appearances by FCF stars Starbuck, Michael Kovac and Jessica Love among others. Additionally, they signed a partnership/working agreement with Genichiro Tenryu and his Tenryu Project promotion in May 2011.
SMASH will introduce two singles titles-one for men and one for women-in June 2011.

Talent based in promotion:

Akira Shoji
Yusuke Kodama
Yuji Kito
Hajime Ohara
Mentallo (gaijin)
Golem Knight (gaijin)
Starbuck (gaijin-FCF [Finland])
Jessica Love (gaijin-FCF [Finland])
Michael Kovac (gaijin)
Lin “Bitch” Byron (also competes as the masked wrestler Ray in Ice Ribbon and other joshi promotions)
Yuji Shimada (Referee)
SUNAHO (Ring Announcer)

Titles & History:
SMASH Championship
SMASH Diva Championship

The promotion’s official websites can be accessed via the following URLs:
(English-usually a few days behind the Japanese site with updates) (YouTube Channel, can also be accessed by searching for the user SMASHXSMASH) (Ustream channel, features some press conferences and occasional live shows)