Tenryu Project

Tenryu Project is a new independent promotion founded in early 2010 by veteran wrestler Genichiro Tenryu. The promotion features talent from throughout puroresu, both the “big 5” and the indies, and runs an average of one show every 3-4 months.
Tenryu revived 3 titles from his old WAR promotion for use in Tenryu Project, thus the promotion recognizes the following former WAR titles: WAR International Jr. Heavyweight, WAR International Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team, WAR World 6 Man Tag Team.

Titles & History:
WAR International Jr. Heavyweight Championship
WAR International Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
WAR World 6 Man Tag Team Championship

The promotion does not have an official website but instead has a section on Tenryu’s official website, which is at this URL: