WWWA World Midgets’ Title History

The WWWA World Midgets’ Title was a singles championship in All-Japan Women. It was different from other titles because it was only contested for among midget wrestlers (very short wrestlers, usually shorter than 4 feet) and it also was a men’s title. The title was created in the 1970s then revived in 1990 after being inactive in the 1980s. The title was retired in 2002.

There were 6 WWWA World Midgets’ Champions. They are listed below in order of reign along with which reign it was (some won it multiple times) and length of reign.
1-Pretty Atom. 1st reign. Length: ??-??. First champion, won title on unkown date in 1970s. Vacated title in 1980s due to retiring. Title inactive until revived in 1990.

2-Little Frankie. 1st reign. Length: 3/2/1990-5/5/1998. Also becomes first WMA Unified World Midgets Champion on 6/5/1995.

3-Tomezo Tsunokake. 1st reign. Length: 5/5/1998-9/15/1998.

4-Little Frankie. 2nd reign. Length: 9/15/1998-12/3/2000.

4-Mr. Buttaman. 1st reign. Length: 12/3/2000-2/28/2001.

5-Tomezo Tsunokake. 2nd reign. Length: 2/28/2001-4/28/2002. Vacated title on 4/28/2002 due to retiring.

6-Little Frankie. 3rd reign. Length: 8/27/2002. Died on 8/15/2002 and was awarded title and made permanent champion on 8/27/2002.