Diana, aka World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, is a new joshi promotion created in January 2011 by NEO founder and veteran wrestler Kyoko Inoue. The promotion will feature a core roster of 6-10 women at the start, mainly consisting of former NEO wrestlers and freelancers, and is hoping to also feature 2 wrestlers from Mexico as well as 2 wrestlers from Cambodia.

Diana currently has no titles.

Current talent based in promotion:
Kyoko Inoue (井上京子 / Kiyouko Inoue)
Aya Yuki (勇気彩 / Courage 彩) (No longer with promotion)
Nagisa Nozaki (No longer with promotion)
Kaoru Ito
Keiko Aono (formerly Keito)
Ayako Sato (Inactive)
Sari (サリー / Sareee)

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) can be accessed at the following URL:
http://www-diana.com (That’s not a typo! Put the “-” there instead of a “.” or you’ll go to a completely different site!)