Nagisa Nozaki

Nagisa Nozaki is a young joshi wrestler who got an early start on her career, she was just 15 when she debuted (about 3 weeks before she turned 16) and has 4 years experience.
Nozaki started out in NEO and was starting to show promise when her career got derailed due to a series of serious shoulder injuries that cost her the better part of 2 years. She finally returned to 100% in late 2010 and made a few appearances in NEO before it closed, as well as getting some exposure in SMASH. After NEO’s closure she made a couple appearances as a freelancer, but will now be moving on to Diana to be part of that new promotion in early 2011.
Nozaki is no longer with Diana as of mid-May 2011, as she was fired and her contract terminated by the promotion for missing the promotion’s 5/4 event without permission. She then apparently became a freelancer but only appeared for WAVE for just over 2 months as part of their annual Catch The WAVE League. She apparently will again be inactive as of 7/25/2011, possibly due to her prior shoulder injury not being fully healed.

Stats & info:
Age: 20
Height: 5’5 1/2″
Weight: 136 pounds/62 kg
Experience: 4 years
Finishing move: Missile Kick
Current affiliation: N/A (Fired by Diana in May 2011)
Ring entrance theme: “TOUCH THE SKY/HAN-KUN”

Official website (Japanese): (New; Created January 2011)