GAEA Japan

barGAEA Japan was a joshi promotion that ran from 1995-2005. It was founded by popular wrestler Chigusa Nagayo, one of the most successful joshi wrestlers of the 1980s. She made female pro wrestlig a movement all over Japan in 80’s and has fought in the U.S.A. , Canada, Mexico and so on. GAEA’s name comes from the goddess of the earth of Greek mythology. Young wrestlers whom Chigusa Nagayo trained and veteran wrestlers who have had great wrestling careers made up most of the roster. The first show was held on April 15, 1995 and was called Memorial First Gong. The event was a sellout and received good press. From this point on, GAEA held monthly shows at Korakuen and also occasionally went on the road to other Japanese cities.
GAEA’s reputation grew as a result of the acquisition of some well-known wrestlers, and the organization of some very successful interpromotional shows. GAEA acquired highly-respected freelance wrestler Akira Hokuto on September 16, 1996 and Toshiyo Yamada on July 3, 1997. The promotion established a relationship with the Japanese hardcore promotion Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW) on July 29, 1995, and worked with the prominent American promotion World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1996. As a component of the relationship with WCW two GAEA wrestlers, Akira Hokuto and Toshie Uematsu, became the first WCW Women’s Champion and WCW Women’s Cruiserweight Champion respectively.
GAEA’s most famous storyline involved the reunion of 80’s tag team sensations, the Crush Gals, in 2000. The Crush phenomenon in Japan was roughly akin to the American phenomenon of Hulkamania, and the first appearance of the reunited partnership, on May 14, 2000, at GAEA’s fifth anniversary show, drew the attention of the entirety of the Japanese press.
On March 15, 2004, a weekly show with matches from GAEA started on The Wrestling Channel.
On April 10, 2005, GAEA closed its doors for good, with a farewell show at the Tokyo Korakuen Hall called Eternal Last Gong.

GAEA Japan had 2 titles-AAAW Singles and AAAW Tag Team.

Titles & History:
AAAW Singles Championship
AAAW Tag Team Championship

Although it is no longer updated, the promotion’s official website can still be accessed via the following URL: (In Japanese but English and Korean versions are available via the links on the main page)