Gakenohuchi Puroresu

Gakenohuchi Puroresu (aka Gakenohuchi Pro or simply “Gakepro” or “edge of cliff pro wrestling”) is a new joshi promotion created by former Ice Ribbon star Miyako Matsumoto in May 2011 after she was kicked out of Ice Ribbon. Few details are known about the promotion except Miyako is handling almost all the behind-the-scenes work herself early on, but she appointed fellow idol/actress Aya Sugimoto as “Supreme Advisor” (President) in early July 2011.
The promotion will held it’s first event on June 3, 2011. The promotion’s second event is scheduled for July 10, 2011.

Gakenohuchi Pro currently has no titles.

Current talent based in promotion:
Miyako Matsumoto (松本都 / Matsumoto capital)

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) can be accessed at the following URL: