Ray/Lin Byron

Ray is a masked wrestler who competes primarily in IBUKI. Very little is known about her except she is believed to be a 7-year veteran. It’s believed she also sides with Passion Red sometimes as “Passion Ray”.
Since the closure of IBUKI Ray has joined SMASH as part of the wrestling roster. She has unmasked in SMASH and now competes using the name Lin Byron, according to her bio she is a former actress/stuntwoman who performed in some Hong Kong martial arts movies before trying her hand at wrestling. It’s not known if that is all legit or part of her gimmick.
In early 2011 Ray re-surfaced on the joshi circuit, mainly appearing in Ice Ribbon while Byron found herself a nickname she uses in SMASH-she’s now billed as Lin “Bitch” Byron. Ray officially joined Ice Ribbon in April 2011.

Stats & info:
Real name: Unknown
Age: 29
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 117 pounds/53 kg
Experience: 6 years
Finishing move: Unknown
Current affiliation: SMASH (Lin Byron), Ice Ribbon (Ray)

Titles won (as Ray):
1-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion

Official website (Japanese):