Emi Fujino

Emi Fujino is a rookie who, much like Mika Nagano, took the unusual career path of becoming an MMA fighter before taking up wrestling. She lists Ice Ribbon founder/promoter Emi Sakura as her favorite wrestler. In MMA, she is perhaps Ice Ribbon’s most accomplished fighter, sporting a solid 8-4 career record, but it sounds less impressive because she has lost her last 4 fights after winning her first 8 although those 3 losses have come against tough veteran opposition. She doesn’t appear very much in Ice Ribbon because of her MMA career. In MMA she is currently affiliate with the Wajutsu Keishukai Gods fight camp. The camp’s most notable member is World Victory Road Sengoku fighter Yuji Hoshino.

Stats & info:
Age: 29
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 124 pounds/56 kg (some of her MMA profiles list her at 130/59)
Experience: Rookie (as wrestler)
Finsihing move: Unknown
Current affiliation: Ice Ribbon

MMA record (as of April ’09): 8-4

Official website (Japanese):