Kurumi is currently the youngest member of Ice Ribbon at just 11. She had competed in exhibition matches for most of early 2010 as part of a competition with current roster member Tsukushi where the first to get 500 votes from fans would be added to the main roster. She lost but still got the votes eventually and was added to the active roster. She made her official in-ring debut on May 3, 2010. Reports are that she has looked really good in her first “real” matches, including even pulling off a really nice German suplex hold in her first match. At just 11 years old she is one of only two active wrestlers still in elementary school.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Unknown
Age: 11
Height: 4’9 1/2″
Weight: 95 pounds/43 kg
Experience: 1 year
Finishing Move: Body Press, Corner Tackle
Current affiliation: Ice Ribbon

Official website (Japanese):
http://ameblo.jp/wrestleteens (Note: This is a blog she shares with fellow Ice Ribbon stars Hikari Minami, Riho & Tsukushi)