Mai Ichii

Mai Ichii is a 5-year veteran and one of a handful of Ice Ribbon wrestlers who are also MMA fighters. She has been a fighter since 2006 although she was inactive in 2007 before returning in 2008. She has a career MMA record of 4-5, but what makes her MMA accomplishments very notable is she is one of only 2 women to ever beat DEEP Women’s Flyweight Champion Satoko Shinashi, who is considered one of the top female jiu-jitsu fighters and a submission wizard. Mai beat her in May 2008 in a non-title fight by majority decision (meaning 2 of the 3 fight judges scored the fight in favor of Ichii, but the 3rd judge said Draw). It’s been a struggle since then as she’s since lost 4 of her last 5. Although affiliated with Ice Ribbon as a wrestler, she is listed as being affiliated with fellow wrestler Kaoru Ito’s Ito Dojo when competing in MMA. In wrestling, she’s the most active of the MMA fighters in Ice Ribbon, working virtually all shows when her schedule allows. And supposedly she has a reputation as being a troublemaker…maybe that explains why her first title reign in the promotion-an International Ribbon Tag Team Title reign with GENTARO-lasted just 2 days.
Ichii apparently is no longer with Ice Ribbon as her profile was removed from the promotion’s website in January 2011. She had not appeared in the promotion for a few months beforehand, possibly due to her MMA commitments.

Stats & info:
Age: 30
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 121 pounds/55 kg
Experience: 5 years (as wrestler)
Finishing move: Kicks
Current affiliation: Ice Ribbon (wrestling), Ito Dojo (MMA)

Titles won:
1-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion

MMA record (as of December 2010): 4-5

Official website (Japanese):