Makoto is a young 5-year veteran who could once be considered Ice Ribbon’s #2 wrestler after Emi Sakura. She has held both the ICEx60 Singles Title and International Ribbon Tag Team Title and frequently represents Ice Ribbon in other promotions, mostly NEO before it closed and, in more recent days, SMASH. She considers veteran wrestler Etsuko Mita her idol and even got to face Mita in what would be Mita’s final singles match before retiring in November 2009, concluding what turned into quite the feud between the two (which followed their being a tag team). And according to her profile, supposedly she makes a pretty good hamburger. Maybe just a McDonald’s hamburger but still a good burger! And 6 months after Mita’s retirement she’s STILL obsessed with her idol…they do run into each other now & then. Like many other Ice Ribbon wrestlers she occasionally competes in other joshi promotions but will also make what could be her first appearance in a major promotion in October 2010 when she appears in ZERO1. Otherwise she seems to alternate between gatekeeper & jobber in Ice Ribbon now but is making a run at becoming the first SMASH Diva Champion.
Makoto made her first US appearances in late July 2011, appearing with Tsukasa Fujimoto at 2 CHIKARA events.
Makoto will leave Ice Ribbon after the promotion’s 8/21/11 event to join SMASH.

Stats & info:
Real name: Unknown
Age: 21
Height: 5′ 5 1/2″
Weight: 117 pounds/53 kg
Experience: 5 years
Finishing move: Various kicks, Spear
Current affiliation: Ice Ribbon, SMASH (as of 8/21/11)

Titles won:
1-time ICEx60 Singles Champion
2-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion